Ventrus recognise how critical it is that all of the elements of your network are functioning properly so you can maximise your company’s investment and protect customer loyalty.

We understand that a website, email server, file or database server that fails to deliver its content – either in a timely manner or even at all – can have a serious impact on production and revenue, so our monitoring services are geared towards keeping your business running at all times.

In today’s information age, a smoothly operating infrastructure, based at your office or in a multitude of data centres, is a vital part of your business that provides a distinct competitive advantage.

Why you cannot afford downtime

When your servers and network devices are not available and not being monitored, downtime can be your worst enemy.

  • ROI declines as you lose revenue but covers the same operational costs
  • Web-advertising ROI is zero, if the clicks you have paid for lead to unavailable pages
  • Your conversion ratio erodes because of failed transactions and disrupted traffic
  • Your returning customers’ ratio is damaged because of the loss of credibility, directing your existing customers to the competition
  • Your external and internal flow of communication is interrupted if your email systems do not function properly creating the potential of substantial loss
  • Your image is damaged, increasing your promotional efforts and costs

We are a global business with 6 sites across 4 countries and 2 continents. Ventrus have been critical to IT's ability to scale with the business and provide a consistent, highly available infrastructure platform.

Simon O'Sullivan
IT Director, Global Footwear Company