For organisations and their customers that depend on uptime, Ventrus is the trusted provider that can help protect your reputation. By integrating our 24/7 real-time monitoring services with your suppliers technologies, we can deliver rapid responses to supplier outages and enable you to track and monitor supplier SLA’s and targets.

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We are the provider of downtime monitoring services for our long term customers including those from sectors such as financial, manufacturing, brokerage, rescue services and similar mission-critical operations where the potential harm from a service outage is very high.

For many organisations, high-value functions now also include email, manufacturing data collection, and customer-facing Internet services which, if unavailable, can severely impact the business. We provide constant and accurate Supplier Services Uptime monitoring to ensure that your business does not lose business due to IT failure.

We are a global business with 6 sites across 4 countries and 2 continents. Ventrus have been critical to IT's ability to scale with the business and provide a consistent, highly available infrastructure platform.

Simon O'Sullivan
IT Director, Global Footwear Company