Ventrus recognise the importance of monitoring the environment where your IT systems are located to help minimise IT failure. Our environmental monitoring services can eradicate the serious risk of data loss or physical hardware failure through overheating or power loss.

Let us take the heat off

We utilise thermal and power monitors to detail load, battery life expectancy and the temperature of your IT environment.

Having a watchful eye on room temperature can mitigate the risk of thermal runaway and device failure due to overheating. When temperature thresholds are breached, we call the emergency contact and arrange for alternative cooling (or in some cases by having them simply open the comms room door to let the heat out!).

Failing that we automate the remote shutdown of key devices until the temperature is within normal operating parameters. We have procedures in place to ensure overheating does not negatively impact your business’ operations.

How we let the light in

We apply the same methodology to lights-out scenarios, where key systems are automatically shutdown to prevent data loss based on UPS power reserves. On power resume, these systems are automatically restarted and checked by our monitoring team to ensure everything is back up and running without any disruption caused. You’ll barely even notice it restarted!

We are a global business with 6 sites across 4 countries and 2 continents. Ventrus have been critical to IT's ability to scale with the business and provide a consistent, highly available infrastructure platform.

Simon O'Sullivan
IT Director, Global Footwear Company