Ventrus keep a constant watch on your servers and devices with multiple monitoring engines that provide our engineers with early indicators of potential issues. As a result, we can rapidly resolve issues before they escalate, preventing and avoiding costly downtime.

Designed to check your servers every few minutes, our software monitors a wide variety of metrics and informs both us and you instantly when any pre-defined threshold is breached. Our monitors can be customised to fit your exact business need, with varying thresholds for different times of the day across almost any device.

Multi platform flexibility

It’s flexible and dynamic web-based reporting capability, available via the Ventrus Real-time web portal, summarises data in a wide range of formats and provides an enterprise-level view of performance across all major vendor platforms.

Server resource management captures historical data and monitors utilisation trends for key server resources. Storing up to 36 months of data, the service enables you to examine server health over the long term, identify resource problems proactively and forecast future resource requirements.

We are a global business with 6 sites across 4 countries and 2 continents. Ventrus have been critical to IT's ability to scale with the business and provide a consistent, highly available infrastructure platform.

Simon O'Sullivan
IT Director, Global Footwear Company