Virtualisation services from Ventrus deliver far more than just power savings. We help improve business continuity through increased resilience and redundancy as well as lower total cost of ownership (TCO) through extended infrastructure lifecycles and reduced carbon footprint for your business.

By utilising virtual server technology (Microsoft’s HyperV, Citrix Xenserv or VMWare), the number of physical servers in your real estate can be significantly reduced as you consolidate your virtual machines on to fewer numbers of physical hardware.

Our Virtualisation service allows one server to do the job of several, by sharing or pooling its resources across multiple “virtual” guests or instances. Installing physical servers would require a separate server for each particular server role.

Scalable and Environmental!

We will help you allow for a highly scalable and cost effective infrastructure. Deploying additional servers on demand does not incur the same project, labour or capital outlay as it would for traditional physical servers.

In addition, organisations that deploy a virtualised environment will also reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint as well as improve the availability of key systems and services.

Key Benefits

Go Green – Reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption
Scalability – On-demand resources when your business needs it
Reliability and Resilience – High Availability through =VMotion and snapshot features
Agility and Efficiency – Deploy application servers in less time
Cost Savings – Reduce Management, Power and Warranty Renewal Fees
Consolidation – Make use of less space and less hardware