As part of your ongoing IT service upgrade strategy, Ventrus will work with you to understand the risk, cost of delivery and process involved in deploying an upgrade or migration of your IT systems. We will ultimately look to determine how, if and when the change will impact your business.

Our service provides total visibility of any migration project or plan for systems and hardware upgrades and is aligned with our change management services.

We migrate… it’s what we do!

Our years of experience of seamlessly migrating from version to version with our existing clients supplies us with the essential skills, expertise, knowledge and understanding of the different business models and requirements we will be subjected to.

This enables us to provide the most seamless transition of software to allow your business to continue as normal, whilst improving your IT network at the same time.

Whether you are migrating software versions or relocating your critical applications to the cloud, our services ensure minimal disruption to your business.

We trust Ventrus to manage all aspects of our network as well as host and monitor our critical services. We focus on what we do best and growing our business profitably.

Richard Ingram
Financial Director, Online Stationery Provider