Ventrus’ infrastructure assessment services reduce the risk of IT failure and keep your business running. But before we take responsibility of the support and management of your infrastructure we will provide you with a FREE IT audit.

Providing you with a complete list of critical systems and their configuration, the audit works as an essential tool for keeping track of, and managing, the growth of your network. We strongly believe that by providing an audit free-of-charge, we build the foundation for a stronger long term partnership with you.

To help your business, we want to know your business!

The audit provides us with a complete insight into your IT real-estate allowing us to know if it will meet your business needs now and in the future. It also allows us to see what you do and how you do it, providing us with your method of working, your critical application requirements and setting the right level of expectation for your business.

We also need to ensure that we can support your systems in their current state and that we minimise the risk of failure of your systems and our services to you.

Next Steps

Once the audit has highlighted how we can help you, we are able to constantly monitor your critical applications, services and devices through our real-time monitoring service.

By continually auditing your infrastructure, we can highlight any performance issues or troublesome devices before they cause problems for your business.

We trust Ventrus to manage all aspects of our network as well as host and monitor our critical services. We focus on what we do best and growing our business profitably.

Richard Ingram
Financial Director, Online Stationery Provider