Ventrus’ professional services provide access to skilled resources and change management processes. This allows you to control and reduce the risk of change and its impact to your business, as well as helping align your services with your business needs.

We can help you change!

Controlling IT change can be time consuming and labour intensive due to the skills and time required to identify requirements for change, analyse impact and generate the necessary release and back-out plans.

Our IT systems and coordinated approach enable us to effectively plan for this change. Through being experienced in using IT service management best practices, we can reduce risk to your business whilst delivering the necessary changes.

We ensure that all changes are recorded, evaluated, authorised, prioritised, planned, tested, implemented, documented and reviewed in a controlled manner. This ensures we have a high success rate reducing project delays, unauthorised changes and any unplanned outages.

We trust Ventrus to manage all aspects of our network as well as host and monitor our critical services. We focus on what we do best and growing our business profitably.

Richard Ingram
Financial Director, Online Stationery Provider