Ventrus assist with all aspects of asset management from discovery, software deployments and configurations, hardware location and licence management. Every audit we undertake is customised to your individual needs and your specific project.

We ensure you are compliant with licensing, renewals and up to date with your hardware vendor contracts by reconciling your deployed assets against your entitled.

Snapshot Approach

IT Asset Management (ITAM) has changed significantly in recent years due to the emergence of compliance, service management, software, licensing changes, standards and processes. License management is regularly highlighted as being the number one IT concern for many organisations, large or small.

We will gather a complete snapshot of all your assets currently deployed, producing a static database with custom reporting.

Our Asset Management services include:

  • Full audit of hardware/software
  • Continual tracking of new and existing equipment
  • Asset tagging
  • License management and procurement
  • Barcode scanning

We trust Ventrus to manage all aspects of our network as well as host and monitor our critical services. We focus on what we do best and growing our business profitably.

Richard Ingram
Financial Director, Online Stationery Provider