Ventrus can ensure your enterprise is secure by deploying effective policies at desktop, server and internet level, including many firewall solutions to protect your internet facing servers from attack.

We can provide you with a baseline analysis of your current environment to show you where certain weaknesses lie. We will help protect your data from accidental access by limiting admittance to only the people authorised to see it.

We ensure your network and devices are secure and up to date

Failure to implement security updates or deploy software is a common problem. We can alert you of available updates and provide links to those updates in order to facilitate their deployment. This is delivered as part of our DataPlan ProActive Maintenance Service Agreements.

Additionally we can test your current firewall and internet servers for weakness and provide you with a complete report to ensure you are informed of the current state of your IT’s security.

We manage your security for you

One of the most important and often overlooked area of an enterprise is security from both internal and external threat. External threats are changing on a daily basis with the advent of spam, spyware, phishing, website SQL injection and others as well as internal threats from employees.

We partner with several service providers to provide you with a variety of security options including SaaS from Barracuda Networks and network security appliance options from vendors such as Global Technology Associates (GTA), Juniper, Cisco and Barracuda Networks.

Ventrus gives us peace of mind when it comes to servers, networks and security. They have allowed us to focus all of our technical resources on our own products and customers.

Dr Nigel Geary
Founder and President, Global BI Software Developer