Ventrus provide low level network analysis and troubleshooting services using the latest software available. Combined with continued monitoring of baseline and peak traffic on your corporate network, we can alert you of changes, highlight heavy traffic generating nodes and show you where the bottlenecks reside on your network.

Application Response Time Analysis

Network issues can range dramatically from bottlenecks, broadcasts, overloaded switches, misconfigured firewalls, routers and gateways. We will isolate these issues quickly so as not to impact your network, users and transaction based servers, allowing your business to carry on unaffected.

If you have critical applications hosted in data centres around the UK, we can monitor and provide real-time response analysis of the applications and give administrators access to online reporting.

If you have existing issues, we can clearly define where your bottlenecks are, whether at the server, application or network level and relay this information and action-to-take to you.

Ventrus gives us peace of mind when it comes to servers, networks and security. They have allowed us to focus all of our technical resources on our own products and customers.

Dr Nigel Geary
Founder and President, Global BI Software Developer