Ventrus IT Strategy services focus on strategic IT issues; how you can make IT work for your business and improve company performance. We work to exploit the full potential of your IT infrastructure using existing and newly available IT products.

Our services are designed to give you an insight into the current state of your IT infrastructure, allowing you to identify opportunities for efficiency, savings, value and growth. This enables you to create a precise roadmap for IT improvement.

Building for the Long Term

Your IT strategy is typically a long-term action plan – it is linked closely with your business strategy, goals and objectives. We act to help define the building blocks of your IT strategy including:

  • Staff responsibility
  • Software
  • External support
  • Threat management and security
  • Budgeting and purchasing
  • Data protection – DLP
  • IT usage policy
  • Training

Our experienced and qualified consultants help you make strategic decisions at all levels. Our approach is to understand your business priorities before making any recommendation, ensuring a clearly defined strategy, what it will deliver and how it will be achieved.

Ventrus gives us peace of mind when it comes to servers, networks and security. They have allowed us to focus all of our technical resources on our own products and customers.

Dr Nigel Geary
Founder and President, Global BI Software Developer