Ventrus provide a thorough analysis of your Business Continuity requirements and support it with a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and supporting Systems Run-Book (SRB).

Firstly we assess your business risks and supply you with a report of recommendations on what you need to implement to mitigate each risk. You will then be able to use the findings of the report to determine the value in each of the recommendations and if there is an acceptable level of risk.

Disaster Prevention

To ensure your business can continue to trade in the event of a disaster (fire, flood, lights-out etc.), Ventrus can provide a BCP to be activated the moment disaster strikes.

The BCP contains information about the key systems required to ensure your business can trade, who is responsible, and the procedures and processes to get the systems up and running.

The SRB contains the key configuration and security information for all of your technology. This alone provides you with a central repository of critical information to keep your systems running.

Our Business Continuity Planning services allow you to relax in the knowledge that when disaster strikes you are prepared for the worst.

Ventrus gives us peace of mind when it comes to servers, networks and security. They have allowed us to focus all of our technical resources on our own products and customers.

Dr Nigel Geary
Founder and President, Global BI Software Developer