At Ventrus Networks our extensive service portfolio is continually evolving with the adoption of new services and technologies that are aligned with the needs of our customers ever-changing requirements.

We are therefore, excited to announce the launch of our new brand We are Cloud, which will change the way you do business in the future.  Our aim is to help you simplify the adoption of the We are Cloud solution allowing your business to increase capacity and capabilities without investing in new technology or infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing new software. Ultimately, it can save your company a considerable amount of money…

We have already been recognised by both Daniel Thomas, Founder and Director of Compare the Cloud along with Cloud Expo Europe for demonstrating why our cloud solution will solve your IT business challenges better than anyone else.

This is what we said:-

Fifty shades of Cloud……We are Cloud will work with you to provide a fully customisable Cloud environment to fit your exact business needs for security, expertise, transparency, accountability, reliability and proven professionalism in the field.  Our cloud is fully scalable, providing you with innovative ways to reduce costs and maximise value.  We offer a personable, all-encompassing service assisting you in establishing company readiness to enable a phased or hybrid approach if required.  Our cloud is always available, always fast and always cost–effective.  We offer a seamless solution tailored to individual business requirements.  We guarantee reduction of expenditure, security, improved resource utilisation, scalability, seamless integration, anywhere access, disaster recovery and minimal upfront costs.  We really are the silver lining you have been looking for.

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you…..